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Mari McAvenia (mockymur@verizon.net)
Date:Sun 09 Nov 2008 10:50:54 PM EST
Subject:A late entry upon seeing the film for the first time 11/09/08
 Fascinating. Unnerving. Depressing. No clear heroes or villains. The "old ways" vs. new realities. Sick, immature and disordered individuals (Donna and Josh) left to their own devices, with the rewards of sex and companionship, support each others fantasies of a perfect future. Precocious, over-confident and sexually promiscuous Donna most certainly manipulated the boyish and unworldly Josh into doing things he could never think up on his own, alone and working constantly on the farm. He acts like a "man" in front of the camera but Ollie, the father/role model, was obviously resistant to education and adaptability, too. How much calculated and sophisticated thinking could be reasonably expected from this boy? It appears that when the mother, Janette, evolved into a modern woman- against the wishes of the males- everything fell apart for Ollie and Josh. They did not have a live in slave worker, lower caste "cow" to boss around anymore. The "cow" turned out to have a mind of her own and the ability to get away from the crushing devaluation of her work and time. It is very sad that the daughter, Julie, feels so strongly that her mother is a bad person. She has taken on the burden of "scapegoat" that Josh quite obviously feels is hers to carry, now, instead of the mom who got away. I hope she can move on with her life. Poor Josh will be best off if he gets his own farm and stays away from women completely. He is a misogynist who cannot have a normal, healthy relationship with any human female. Sad but true. A great film! Lots to think about and ruminate over, so to speak.

Dick Pratt (@cpratt21@verizon.com)
Date:Wed 22 Aug 2007 04:40:22 PM EDT
Subject:Who shot Mom
 After careful thought, I believe Josh is probably too good a shot to have missed. Donna is the shooter!

Barry D. Chandler, MD (bdchandler@aol.com)
Date:Thu 19 Apr 2007 03:40:05 PM EDT
Subject:Who shot Mom?
 After careful thought, I firmly believe that Donna was the perpetrator, and that Josh was covering for her.

Derek (derek.duin@ge.com)
Date:Sun 15 Apr 2007 06:36:13 PM EDT
Subject:Knee Deep
 My wife and I attended the showing at the Full Frame Festival in Durham, NC - and were amazed at the story and how it was presented - almost as a dark comedy. The editing was fantastic - Wish you all the best with this one - We will be telling our friends about it - Great Job!!

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